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Since the year 2000, we have been involved in the design, consulting, creation, and maintenance of landscapes. We specialize in enhancing and rectifying previous landscaping errors. Don't wait any longer - let us transform your plot this season!

Our consultations are carried out by a skilled landscaping-forest gardening engineer with 20 years of experience.

From initial consultations all the way to comprehensive landscaping services, we are here to assist you in any situation!
Visit to the Customer

Pricing for Consultation Visits

  • Consultation with a Landscaping Expert within the city is priced at 15,000₸
  • Consultation with a Landscaping Expert outside of the city of Almaty, is priced at 20,000₸
  • 3D design starting from 50000₸
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About us - GreenFuture.kz

The world of gardening and landscaping!

Our team of experienced landscaping professionals is prepared to assist you in transforming any area, be it a garden, yard, or commercial space. We take into account your specific vision, preferences, and budget, carefully considering every detail of the project.

Our Services
Our range of services includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting fruit trees, ornamental plants, and coniferous trees
Price upon request
Delight yourself and your guests with an unusual garden by adding an alpine garden
Price upon request
Ponds and waterfalls can add a unique ambiance and charm to your garden or landscape
Price upon request
We offer expert landscaping consultations for all your needs
Price upon request
At GreenFuture, we provide specialized plant disease services by professionals to ensure your plants remain healthy and vibrant throughout the entire year.
Price upon request
Give your trees a distinctive and one-of-a-kind shape to revitalize their appearance
Price upon request
We provide specialized treatment to tackle insect pests and phyto diseases affecting conifers and fruit trees
Price upon request
Conducting pruning services for conifers, including shaping and maintaining the health of thuja, pine, and juniper trees through proper and sanitary pruning techniques
Price upon request
We offer pruning services for fruit trees, focusing on maintaining their health and appearance through sanitary pruning techniques
Price upon request
Elevate the aesthetic appeal and enhance the comfort of your property with our exceptional landscaping services
Price upon request
We offer professional landscaping services for balconies and terraces to create attractive and functional spaces right in your home
Price upon request
No matter the size of your land, we can assist you in developing a vegetable garden that will serve as a bountiful source of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs right in the comfort of your home.
Price upon request
We offer garden adjustment services to create a harmonious and attractive space that reflects your taste and meets your needs
Price upon request
We offer services to prepare your plants for the cold season to ensure maximum protection and survival.
Price upon request
Choose from a diverse range of premium plants and seedlings, empowering you to cultivate stunning greenery and enhance your surroundings with a touch of nature.
from 50000₸
Our team of landscape design specialists utilizes cutting-edge technology and software to produce lifelike 3D models and visual representations of landscaping projects.
Price upon request
We take pride in collaborating with government facilities and actively engaging in public procurement and contracts.
Price upon request
Discover Wooden Container Manufacturing with GreenFutureKZ - your trusted partner for crafting durable and high-quality containers from pine and larch. Ideal for gardens, terraces, or balconies.
Price upon request
Our specialty lies in designing exquisite winter oases that bring joy and delight throughout the colder months.
Creation of small architectural forms
Crafting exquisite homes, enchanting waterfalls, and charming ponds in your garden!

Fairytale houses

A fairy house is the perfect craft if you want to decorate your home or garden without much change in the decor. The most appealing thing about these crafts is that they are small in size, but have lots of detail and fine details.

Ponds, waterfalls

Decorative waterfall and brook in the countryside - elegant and stylish decoration of the countryside. It is not easy to create a waterfall and a stream yourself. A good option is to contact professionals and protect yourself from unplanned expenses and loss of time.
Purchase plants at advantageous prices.
We offer a wide selection of plants for your garden landscaping needs.


Red Leaf Maple on sale as a young seedling


The tree is more than 3.5 meters tall
Chubushnik 50 centimeters - 3.000 ₸

Chubushnik 1m. - 6.000 ₸

Chubushnik 2.5 m. - 20.000 ₸
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