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Shape Modeling

Greenfuture shape modeling
The form of plants and the overall landscape play a vital role in crafting an impressive and harmonious garden design
At GreenFuture, we offer professional plant form modeling services to create unique and aesthetically pleasing compositions.

Our experienced landscape design professionals have a visionary approach and creative eye for plant forms and compositions. We skillfully use space and textures to create amazing contours and sculptures that transform your garden and give it a unique character.
What are the advantages of our plant shape modeling services?
Our plant shape modeling services encompass a diverse array of options and choices
Shaping trees: We can create spectacular shapes and silhouettes for trees to give them a graceful and artistic look. Whether it's pruning, trimming and shaping, we take into account the individual characteristics of each plant and your preferences to achieve the desired results.

Sculptural Arrangements: We can create unique sculptural arrangements of plants by combining different shapes, sizes and textures. This can include creating living walls, arches, abstract shapes and other unique elements that will add artistry and originality to your garden.

Topiary: Topiary shapes are a true art form where we use shearing and shaping plants to create geometric shapes, animals, fantastical creatures and other amazing forms. This will give your garden a special charm and elegance.

We also offer customized solutions and consultations to help you choose and create the best shapes and compositions to suit your preferences and garden style.

Contact us today for professional plant form modeling services. We are ready to turn your garden into a unique work of art, where form and beauty will attract the admiration of all who see it.
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