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Welcome to GreenFuture, your trusted partner in creating unique conservatories. We specialize in creating delightful winter oases that will give you joy and pleasure during the cold season. Contact us today to start creating your unique conservatory that will be your sanctuary during the cold days.

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Consultation is conducted by a specialist forest gardening engineer.
Landscaping and greening of sites in ALMATY and ALMATIN region


GreenFuture winter gardens create a unique atmosphere of comfort and beauty. Enjoy greenery all year round with our weather-resistant gardens. Customized design to withstand extreme temperatures.

How good are our WINTER GARDENS?

Expertise and Experience: Our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in creating conservatories, ensuring high quality work.

Personalized Approach: We listen to your ideas and preferences to create the perfect conservatory to meet your expectations.

Quality Materials: We use only quality materials and plants to ensure outstanding results.

Professional Care: We provide professional conservatory maintenance services to ensure that your conservatories are always beautiful.
Inspired by nature: GreenFuture's landscaping and beautification services


GreenFuture is your partner in creating green and well-maintained spaces in Almaty and the region. We offer a wide range of landscaping and yard and site improvement services based on experience and expertise. Reliable solutions to improve the environment and create a comfortable living environment is our mission.

Price on request
Delight yourself and your guests with an unusual garden by adding alpine slides to it
Price on request
Water features and waterfalls are great elements that add a special atmosphere and appeal to your garden or landscape
Price on request
We provide professional counseling services.

Online consultation: Free of charge
In-city consultation: 15000₸
Out-of-town consultation: 20000₸
Price on request
At GreenFuture, we offer professional plant disease management services to help your plants stay healthy and beautiful all season long
Price on request
Give a unique shape to your trees. Refresh the appearance of your trees
Price on request
Treatment of insect pests and phyto-diseases of conifers, fruit trees
Price on request
Pruning conifers - molding, sanitary at thuys, pines and junipers.
Price on request
Pruning of fruit trees - sanitary, shaping, rejuvenating.
Price on request
Create unprecedented beauty and comfort on your property with us
Price on request
We offer professional balcony and patio landscaping services to create attractive and functional spaces right in your home
Price on request
No matter the size of your plot, we can help you create a vegetable garden that will be a source of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs right at your home
Price on request
We offer garden tweaking services to create a harmonious and inviting space that reflects your taste and meets your needs
Price on request
We offer services to prepare your plants for the cold season to ensure maximum protection and survival of your plants
Price on request
We offer a wide selection of quality plants and seedlings to help you create beautiful greenery and green up your space
from 50000₸
Our team of landscape design experts use advanced technology and software to create realistic 3D models and visualizations of landscaping
Price on request
We enjoy working with government facilities and actively participate in government procurement and contracts
Price on request
We specialize in creating quality and durable pine and larch containers that will be perfect for your garden, terrace or balcony.
Price on request
With winter gardens from GreenFuture you can enjoy the beauty of plants and greenery even during the colder months.
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Our customers appreciate the quality and professionalism of GreenFuture's services. We specialize in landscaping and beautification of yards and lots, creating cozy and functional spaces. Our company strives for the perfect blend of natural beauty and practicality to meet the needs of every client.

Professional landscaping and gardening services

Invite a designer to the plot

Superior professional landscaping and lot landscaping from GreenFuture. Freshen up your yard, create a cozy oasis, or revitalize a commercial property with our green design experts. Trust us to create green spaces that inspire and impress!

Turn your dream into a green reality with GreenFuture!

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